Technology Management
Management of IT and technology resources assists in heading off disasters and preventing emergencies from occurring at inopportune times. Constant contact with your employees helps us understand how you work and allows greater impact on adjusting your technology to work for you, whether your technology is old or new.
Specialty tools allow us to perform troubleshooting steps that other companies cannot. When it comes to determining the causation of down services, malfunction of VoIP systems, or other issues that have not been solved by other service providers, calling for assistance is the way to go.
Security Analysis
Wonder how often your employees are giving too much information? Wonder how often they fall for phishing attacks? Wonder how vulnerable your network is to outside interference? Call for a free analysis of your current network status.
Jonathan Ongtingco
Jonathan Ongtingco


Rock Climber. Hiker. Father of two.

    Duc Vo
    Duc Vo

    Service Manager

    Cell phone quacks. Builds monster machines. Knows it all.

      Christine Harmon

      Office Manager

      Enthusiastic, passionate with a great sense of humor.

        Jess South

        Field Service Tech

        Hunter. Gatherer. Devoted Husband.

          Matthew Fugate

          Field Service Tech

          Apples - eat em. Unix - love it. Windows - all day long.

            David Jones

            Field Service Tech

            Soccer. Basketball. Field Hockey.

              Kwasi Donkor

              Field Service Tech

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